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LNSS is a rare condition. One of the many challenges is finding other people in a similar situation.

The LNSS Connections group at Yahoo! Groups gives people dealing with LNSS an opportunity to discuss, ask questions, share information and offer support to one another.

While the group will focus primarily on Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome, people dealing with other varieties of Epidermal Nevus Syndrome are welcome as well.

Click to join LNSS-Connections

Click to join the LNSS-Connections Yahoo! Group

When you click the above box/link, you will be prompted to either sign in (if you already have a Yahoo! ID) or sign up for a free Yahoo! ID. You will have to sign up for a Yahoo! ID to be able to read the group's archived messages, though you can have future messages sent to a non-Yahoo e-mail address if you choose.

However, if you want to be a part of the LNSS-Connections mailing list without a Yahoo ID, and without access to previous messages, you can send a message to LNSS-Connections-owner@yahoogroups.com and request to be included.

Once you have joined the group, by either method, please post/send a note to the group introducing yourself!


Note: There is an a Yahoo! Group already in existence called Epidermal Nevus; however, only a few of the group's members are dealing with syndrome issues, and even fewer of those involve LNSS.

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